Karen’s Story

Here is yet another positive abortion story. It is not about me but my best friend from high school. A girl who had tried to kill herself twice, ended up in a mental institution for 2 years, and then got pregnant on her first time having sex. She had that abortion at 16, right after getting out of the mental hospital. We all knew there was NO WAY she could have handled a child at that point. Then she had one child with her husband years later, but got PG a few weeks after delivery. She had SEVERE depression, borderline suicidal tendencies, after the child was delivered so she had another abortion. Those two abortions saved her life as she told me she could not handle another child, she would have killed herself, done it right that time. Abortion is a choice, and she made it with her own free will. We (her family and friends) all supported her choice. Now, she is happy and doing well 10 years later.