Sep 052010

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I was 17 when I had a one night stand with a very good friend of mine. It wasn’t planned and no contraception was used. The next day I knew I didn’t want a relationship with this man and we decided to carry on being just friends. Approximately one month later, having noticed my period was late, I went to the doctors and got a pregnancy test done. To my horror it was positive. I felt at 17 I was not ready to become a mother. My own mother had died only 6 months before and I was still grieving. it took me 2 weeks to pluck up the courage to tell my dad who was great about the whole thing. He went with me back to the doctors and arranged everything with me. He took me to the hospital and told me everything would be ok. I’m 26 now and have never once regretted my desicion to have an abortion. I’m getting married next year and hope to start my family now that I’m with the man I love and I feel ready. Thanks for listening.

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