Justine’s Story

I want to share my story because I think that those who oppose choice for woman have brain-washed us all into thinking that abortion must be traumatic and kept hush-hush. I was a 21 year old college student when I had an unplanned pregnancy with a boy I was falling in love with. Nothing noble or unusual about the circumstances – I guess we just weren’t careful enough. When I started to suspect something was going on, I went to county health department, had my worst fears confirmed, and made an appointment for an abortion. I had a few typical day dream moments picturing my beloved and I raising a cute, chubby, little — baby? No freakin’ way!! I went in, had a safe and easy medical procedure, drank some orange juice, and went back to my regular life the next day. NO regrets, NO looking back. Ten years later, I chose to get pregnant with the same man, married him, and next week we will drop our son off for his first year of college. I have been blessed, and life is good.