Julie’s Story

I’m 33 years old. I had an abortion when I was 21. I had been dating a guy somewhat casually and became pregnant very early on. My first clue that something was wrong was very pronounced morning sickness. I didn’t take a pregnancy test: I just knew I was pregnant.

I made an appointmant with my gynecologist and he confirmed my suspicion. There was no thought at all, I made my decision almost the moment I suspected I was pregnant. I would have an abortion. There was no introspection or hand-wringing. There was no way I would even consider having a baby.

I went to visit my mom and told her what had happened. She was very supportive and took me to the clinic the day of the procedure. It was relatively easy and quick and I’ve never had a moment’s doubt that I did the right thing.

I’m NOT sorry – and 12 years later I am still 100% certain that I made the right decision.