As has been pretty obvious for the past few weeks, INS 4.0 is up and running. Thanks to everyone for your positive feedback on the new look of the site. The most gushing of thanks, though, has to go to AAG of, who also writes a fantastic blog at, what else, I’ve been reading her blog for so long I know what AAG stands for, and when I made the decision to have INS overhauled she was always the number one candidate to be the designer. It took a lot of e-mailing and a few phone calls, not to mention a maddening few days in which she was able to access the administrative part of the site but I couldn’t, but at last I am here, toddling among the new toys.

INS 4.0 is still very much a work in progress, so don’t be surprised to wander into the occasional proverbial brick wall in the next few weeks. Again, to those of you who submitted stories before the makeover, I still have those and they will be posted. For those who have submitted on the handy-dandy new submission form, I’ve got those too. Once all is done, however, visitors will be able to happily whiz around the site, pinpoint stories that interest them, and admire a site that was formed by someone who knew what the hell she was doing (she not being me, obviously). If you have any questions about the new site or suggestions on what you might like to see feel free to post them here or on INS’ Facebook page. In the meantime, enjoy the shiny!