Isha’s Story

I had an abortion last year and it was the best decision of my life. At the time, I had been diagnosed unfertile and had a steady relationship so I never sought out contraceptive devices. If I would have known that I could procreate I would have been a lot more responsible. The guy I was with then was very irresponsible and lived off his parents so I knew I would end up having to do everything myself. I ended up taking an at home urine test and the conclusion was positive. I took five or six more because I was in denial but I kept getting those annoying double pink lines and blue crosses, it was a nightmare. My boyfriend was right next to me, and I remember that whole night beating my brains out about my next step. I was always pro-choice and having an abortion definitely crossed my mind. I was barely twenty then and had been very proactive with getting my life together, I had finally transferred into a decent university and was living with minimal support from my folks. I was also working at a cookie place and I knew there was a lot of physical labor involved I could never do pregnant.

At first I didn’t want any type of operation so I opted for a natural miscarriage. I spent two weeks loading myself up with blue cohosh , black cohosh and loads of vitamin c, I always rubbed my abdomen frequently after about two weeks of that, I decided to schedule an appointment with a great woman’s health clinic. They gave me another urine test and then a sonogram I was only four weeks at that and I knew that would be the best time for my operation.

The day of my operation, my boyfriend took a day off work and drove me there. He held my hand and let me lay my head on his shoulders. They called my name and a really nice nurse talked to me and asked me of this was exactly what I wanted. I actually told her about how much this website gave me the courage to go through with. Most of the other websites on abortions were terrifying and told stories of regret and how miserable they were afterwards, but this one was fantastic. She gave me some fennergen tabs for the nausea and before I knew it I was on the twilight medicine, pretty much out. The procedure took about five minutes and for the most part was painless and afterwards my nausea was completely gone. I think that was the best part just because for two weeks I could not keep anything down. I remember sleeping and eating loads of bean and cheese tacos that day and feeling so relieved.

I don’t know—I’m just really content I had the strength to go through with it because it is a truly scary thing. The boyfriend ended being a real deadbeat a few months later and I would have hated having to keep him in my life due to a child. I know one day I will want a kid but not until I am a responsible adult, who has the means to provide for it. Overall, it was the best decision in my life and I never will regret it.