Isabella’s Story

I was irresponsible, to be sure. I was 17 and had not started birth control yet. My boyfriend didn’t like condoms, and while I bought spermicide films, I always forgot to insert them beforehand…and obviously, I eventually got pregnant. There was no way I could raise a child. I have a part-time minimum wage job, and my hours are being cut even more in the midst of this economy. My boyfriend is paid well for his age, but still he wouldn’t have a desirable amount. And most importantly, I didn’t want a child! Isn’t that reason enough? However, the shock left me depressed for a week or so…I never felt guilty for planning to have an abortion; I was as pro-choice as it gets long before this happened. However, I’m terribly scared of surgeries, and especially if it has to do with my nether regions. I read that 8% of abortions have certain complications, and that it was safer than childbirth. But of course my paranoid mind thought, “With my luck, I’m sure to be in that 8%!” I was wrong! After planning the procedure on a day where I was supposed to be in class and my parents would be working, I finally went in with confidence (I had received several counselings about everything in the weeks previous, and I realized I was being a tad childish with my enormous fear). The nurses were very friendly, and since I went right when the clinic opened, everything went by fast. Soon I was in the operation room, and anethetisized. My only complaint was that the actual doctor wasn’t very sociable. But if I had to do what he did all day, I wouldn’t be either. However, I quickly fell asleep and all was forgiven. I woke up moaning with aches, but inside I was ecstatic! All my fears and tribulations were gone! And with extra-strength Tylonel, the pain pretty much went away. I did bleed a rainbow of colors the next several weeks, but again…virtually all pain went away after the first day. I’m not sorry…oh, how I am not!