I should know better (warning, profanity ahead)

Or to quote that great pundit of our time, Britney Spears, oops, I did it again.

When you have a website or blog such as this, you go into it knowing that trolls are going to come out from under the bridge like they’re after so much fresh goat meat. Well, as of late I’ve been guilty of lowering the bait to them. As a result, things are getting more idiotic. I don’t want this blog turning into fodder for LJ Drama (yes, I know it’s not LJ, it’s Blogger, but I don’t know if a Blogger Drama site exists and I needed that point of reference). I don’t want to ban anybody or be deleting comments. But if you’re going to post shit like this- Neither should you be a killing machine either, so just keep your dirty legs shut, and your perverse murderous pussy closed-I WILL hit that little trashcan icon. I had dental surgery two days ago, I still feel like crap and I haven’t slept, all of which makes me a hell of a lot less tolerant than I normally am and a hell of a lot more snarky.

If the lot of you can’t behave like adults, I don’t want you posting here. If the only reason you’re here is to stir up shit, I don’t want you posting here. And if I catch myself replying to a troll again, I’ll invite someone to beat some sense into me. Remember, have a take and don’t suck. And for the love of Dog, stick to the fucking subject instead of throwing out the same tired cliches. And for the last fucking time, NO MORE NAME CALLING. If you want to act like a fucking seven-year-old going “nyah nyah nyah” expect to get your ass kicked like one.

Of course, I’ve just made an attention whore’s dream come true. Gah. I’m going back to bed.

ETA 6/16/05-Guys, you should know better than to feed the troll. Effective immediately, I am deleting his posts and any response posts. I have given numerous warnings to him which he has chosen to ignore. Sorry, fun’s over. Note that this is not retroactive for my own reasons.