I am the webmaster, koo koo ka choo

Because I was lucky enough to think of the INS concept before someone else did, I get a lot of e-mails asking my opinion on this or that abortion-related issue, so if the anti-choicers can have the conceit of a blog to “enlighten” us I might as well jump in. A lot of the word spread about INS comes about through blogs representing either side anyway, so this is both a way to touch base with those who visit the site and a place where I can opine on stuff outside of the site. Although INS has been described as a political site, probably because it says straight out that it’s not neutral, I try not to let my personal thoughts shine through, preferring visitors to concentrate on the stories, which are so much more important that anything I come out with. Also I thought it would provide a little bit of “behind the scenes” action. One thing I can definitely say about running INS is that it’s not boring, so look forward to the hilarity of badly spelled and ultimately deleted guestbook entries and the more entertaining of my hate mail as well. And I’m sure there’ll be a flamewar or five once anti-choicers learn I’m here.

Although I am passionately pro-choice, I often get in trouble with the more moderate in the movement for three reasons. One, I’m not politically correct. Two, I have a sense of humor. Three, I call a spade a spade. I had someone fairly high up on the food chain in NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia tell me once that I’d go far in the movement if I just “tempered” myself. In other words, be nice and polite and don’t ruffle feathers. It looks to me that in the current climate, nice and polite and non-feather-ruffling DOESN’T. FREAKING. WORK. So yeah, I’ll rant about PP and NARAL and general pro-choice politics from time to time too. I still give them money and I volunteer with my local PP, so it’s not like I shun them. It’s just that we’re going to nice and polite ourselves right into getting Roe overturned. Not good, kids.

Anyway, introduction today, rants and crap tomorrow.