Homey don’t play

When I check the traffic statistics for INS, about once a month I find views coming from an anti-choicer board. I click on it for curiosity’s sake, but I inevitably find the same thing-someone gushes outrage about the site and the sycophants join in. This month’s was no different, except for a reply to the thread starter who wanted to spam INS with hate mail:

Don’t waste your time. I know a few people who have written to the webmaster of the site and all she does is correct your spelling and tell you you’re entitled to your opinion and thanks for visiting the site. And forget about the guestbook too because she either takes out what you write and puts in a snotty comment or totally deletes them. She just won’t listen to reason.

Read the last as “she won’t argue and debate with you.”

Now I know there’s people who love nothing more than a good old-fashioned flamewar with an anti-choicer-you can even see that here. On rare occasions I can be drawn into one, but generally I can resist the temptation. For the most part, it bores me. I figure my energy in that direction is best spent by maintaining the site and remaining active in the pro-choice movement, not bickering on the net. My position is this-if you don’t like abortion, don’t have one or put anyone in the position to have one. You can argue semantics and theology and physiology and philosophy all you want, but that’s my bottom line. You don’t have to like the site. You can even write to me and tell me you don’t like the site. But I won’t defend the site, because it doesn’t need to be defended. It is what it is. Call me out all you want and claim that I’m scared because I won’t answer. Don’t mistake lack of interest for avoidance. I have better things to do with my time.

Now if you want to argue if Barry Bonds is a better hitter than Babe Ruth, then I’m your girl.