Holly’s Story

I had an abortion last week at the age of 23. I recently graduated from college and I’m not yet working and living at home with my parents. I was on the pill for 4 years. I ran out last month and tried to make an appointment to get more but they didn’t have anything available until the next month. Stupidly I had sex with my boyfriend without a condom because we were so used to it and we basically forgot. I also heard from many people that it takes a few months at least to get pregnant after coming off the pill after being on it for so long. A stupid assumption, I know. So I didn’t even bother to get the morning after pill. Well I found I was pregnant and knew I was nowhere ready to have a child. I needed to start my career, save up some money and get my own place. My relationship with my boyfriend was also somewhat unstable and I wanted to be sure we would be staying together and getting married. I would not want the child to be fatherless.

I told him and he agreed it was the best thing to do but told me he would support whatever decision I made. I also decided not to tell my parents or anyone else because I would not want them to feel sad about losing a grandchild. It was a tough decision to make. I thought about keeping it or giving it up for adoption but I really felt like it would not be right to bring a child into my life at this point. I was doing the right thing for everyone. Adoption would be extremely hard for me to go through the whole pregnancy and have to give the baby up.

Although I waited a long time at the clinic, almost 6 hours, the procedure was very simple and not very painful. I was asleep so all I remember is getting on the table and waking up in the recovery room. I had a small amount of cramping like a period and a tiny amount of bleeding for a few days. I didn’t feel very sad afterwards. I actually felt in control of my life and that I had made a responsible adult decision.

I had the abortion at 5 weeks and 3 days of gestation. The fetus would have been extremely small like a grain of rice. I believe that you can not kill or die until you have been born. A tiny embryo is not a baby. Although I did feel love for it and will always remember it and pray for it, I do not regret my decision. I am so thankful for the right to choose and will not vote for Bush!