Hey, kids, Let’s Play Anti Bingo!

I’m pretty sure that the entry from June entitled “What the antis don’t like to think about” must have been posted on some forum because the replies have been active of late. The last poster was particularly moronic. For some reason I got two replies which led me to believe that he’d posted twice, but when I went to delete everything was gone. Since I get the text of the reply along with the notification, however, I decided that “David DEF!”, another who seemingly joined Blogger just to educate us all here, should get a post all to himself. So here you go, David. Get your daubers out and mark your cards!

All you “pro-choicers” deserve to be aborted. Seriously, right now, somebody should take one of those vacuum things, shove it in your ears and suck out your brains. Or whatever you have festering in that repugnant thing you call your head. If a woman doesn’t want to conceive but still wants to enjoy the pleasures of sex she only has one choice, and that is to have her tubes tied. Now, you may say “But Dave, not all women can afford to have there tubes tied.” Oh but they can afford to have an abortion? Both procedures cost about the same. So think things through before you go and fuck things up for yourself.

I’m not going to condemn a person for making a mistake by getting pregnant at an “inconvienient time” in their life. Hell, I have two little boys that I had when I was 20 and 21. When I was still very immature and definately not ready to be a dad. But I stepped up, took responsibility and recieved two of the best surprises a man could ever get.

“Baby makin” is another word for sex. So if you don’t want babies, then it’s in your best interest not to have sex where conception is possible. What would you rather do? Keep having sex and killing the life you created that is just as much a part of you as your beating heart? Or just stop having sex?

Again, I’m not going to hate everyone who has had an abortion. I agree that there are tragic situations that occurr with people around the globe and I forgive them. But fuck, step up and take some responsibility every once in awhile instead of putting yourself in a situation where you want to kill an innocent living creature. I believe that nobody is “pro-abortion” and if you are, you truly are a worthless sack of shit.

Oh, by the way, I’m no christian fucking pro-life advocate going to rallies and getting into fights and shit. I just think the shit is wrong and if you don’t, then you deserve to be aborted yourself. PEACE!

And he’s reproduced. May the Flying Spaghetti Monster help us all.