Have a take and don’t suck

Much to probably several people’s disappointment, I’ve locked comments on the SNM thread. I promised I wouldn’t delete, and it’ll force you guys to maybe look at the other posts, heh heh.

The one thing that’s annoying about debating the whole abortion issue is the endless recycling. I created the FAQs for INS roughly a year before the site went up. In the two years the site’s been running, I’ve added four questions, and two of those were specific to the site. Most anti-choice posts in the guestbook hit one of the issues addressed in the FAQs. Sentiments such as “rot in hell u babee-killin hoors” or “God still loves you and I’ll pray that you’ll see the light” make up the rest.

So here I’m adopting the motto of sports talk show host Jim Rome, which is “Have a take and don’t suck.” If you’re going to flame, be interesting. The SNM thing was just getting REALLY boring, but in my resolve not to play referee and start telling people they really needed to STFU already because they were just saying the same things over and over again, I’ll just disable comments for that post.

And hopefully this will lighten up the load on INS’ poor overworked e-mail box. 😉