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I have been pregnant 5 times.3 pregnancies were terminated on the first trimester. This was long ago and I have never regretted my actions. Subsequent events in my life served only to confirm the correctness of my earlier decisions.
I was late 20′s to early 30′s and married when these procedures were done. I had two children but only 1 daughter survives. The light of my life, my daughter Sheryl, died in Denmark in 2000. She was married 10 days and had a masters degree in dance. She died of ovarian cancer and her father passed away 10 months later with brain cancer. Sheryl’s husband committed suicide shortly after her death. I have had cancer twice but managed to survive. The point is that cancer is obviously rampant in both parental lines and the odds were good additional children would have been struck down. But at that time so long ago, the issue was very different. My husband was essentially abusive and indifferent to children’s needs. After the divorce, he disappeared for all practical purposes. He, although he was a millionaire, could not be prevailed upon to pay his share of his daughter’s funeral expense. I thought children were supposed to have two loving and involved parents and this was a possibility in our case but it was not to be. I was relieved after the procedures.1 pregnancy was obviously a “mistake” and the other 2 were the result of IUD failures. I collected seven hundred dollars as a result of the immediate failure of the Dalkon Shield. My daughter is talented and I have 3 grandchildren. She has a BA in finance and a good meaningful job. This is enough.

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