Sep 032010

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You know, I’ve had not one but two abortions. I was taking birth control both times (sponge one time, pills the other time). In fact, I have never had unprotected sex in my life. I was in my mid twenties, working full time, and trying to finish college. Aside from the financial hardships I was already enduring without having a kid, I have never, ever wanted children. So, having an abortion was a no-brainer, and one my then-boyfriend wholeheartedly supported. I have never, ever experienced one moment of remorse or regret. Being pregnant to me was an unfortunate medical condition for which I needed treatment. I have never once wondered what having kids would have been like (bloody awful, from what I can see, is my guess). I love my life. I even don’t mind occasional contact with my family and friends’ offspring. But boy, am I glad I’ve never had any of my own!

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