Haley’s Story

I actually just had an abortion yesterday. I was compelled to submit my story after reading several of the others before making the decision to terminate my pregnancy.

I am a 21-year-old wife and mother. We live in a rural town and lead a very normal life. I honestly never thought that I would be “that girl” that got an abortion; and I definitely never thought I’d be happily married when it happened.

My husband and I were actually trying to get pregnant. I was charting my cycle and I was looking forward to having a little brother or sister for our 18-month-old son. My first pregnancy was textbook, and I had a feeling this one would be too. I was 1 day late, and I took a home pregnancy test … It came back positive, and I felt an overwhelming sense of responsibility I couldn’t handle and didn’t want. I was upset and angry at myself for even wanting to have another child. Even when we conceived our son after only 3 months of marriage I never considered abortion. This time was different.

We began to talk about options, and both my husband and I decided that abortion was our best choice. It was about that time when I found this site and it made the decision a whole lot easier. The only clinic was over an hour away in another town and I had to wait 5 days for my appointment. I was so scared, but it wasn’t anything like I thought it would be. Everyone was so supportive and kind. No one judged me for the choice I was making, and I felt at ease. There was a lot of waiting and filling out paperwork at the clinic, and when it came time for the actual procedure I was amazed at how quick it was! I was given a shot to relax me and I only remember waking up to put my clothes back on. It wasn’t traumatic or painful like I had thought it would be.

I have a huge sense of relief now – like a huge weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. We can continue to move forward with our lives and never look back. I’m not sorry that I had an abortion, and I don’t believe I will ever be.