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There is only one way to get to the guestbook, and it’s through this page. Here’s the deal:

  • Post but once. Repeat posts from the same IP address will be deleted.
  • Responses to previous posters will be deleted regardless of viewpoint.
  • Don’t post your story in the guestbook. Submit it via the Share Your Story page instead.
  • Posts from those holding different views may or may not be left up at my discretion depending on whether or not I want to hold the poster up to ridicule. I receive an e-mail any time there’s a new post, so if one gets left up I don’t want whining and bitching. Ditto for those that are deleted. Read INS Answers The “Pro-Lifers” before you post. If your post asks a question that’s already been covered, it will be deleted. I greatly dislike repeating myself. Oh, and I already know I’m a baby-killing whore who’s going to hell so save yourself the keystrokes.
  • Want to argue? Don’t do it in the guestbook. Go to the blog. I won’t argue, but plenty of others will so go amuse yourself there.
  • Any questions? Email me

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