Gia’s Story

I used to be one of those girls who supported abortion, but always said she would never have one if she became pregnant. I didn’t understand how important it is for abortion to remain safe and legal. Now I am one of those girls who would fight to the death to keep abortion legal. I am just a regular girl. I was 18 with my first, only, and current partner. We were living together for about 7 months, and usually very careful with birth control. To make a long story short, we weren’t as careful as we should have been at one point. I knew I was pregnant almost right away. It was a horrible thought in the back of my mind… I just knew I had to be pregnant, even before I missed my period. Although the at home test showed up negative, I knew I should go to Planned Parenthood right away. When they told me the news, that the test was positive, I was shocked. The fact that I was capable of being a mother just hit me then and there. My man and I knew in our hearts that this was not the right time for us to bring a child into the world. We wanted to be able to provide our child with a great life, a stabile home, healthy food, and most of all, I want to be able to finish college. We love babies and children and all humans really, but knew that it wasn’t time. I’ll be honest, there were tears. I mostly cried because I couldn’t believe I had let pregnancy happen to me. Luckily, my aunts had all had abortions, and I was able to talk to one of them about all my concerns and hurt. She was completely supportive, as was my boyfriend, of my decision to abort. It was never an option for me. I didn’t consider adoption or having a child, they were non-options for me. At the time I was living in the bay area of California, and was thankfully able to get free medical care. I believe all women should have access to a free abortion. Anyway, two weeks later I had my abortion, a medical abortion (pill abortion.) During the first day, I was able to take it easy. My man was so sweet and loving to me. I appreciate so much the fact that I had a partner who would support me in my decision. Having the support of my aunt and man and friends was wonderful. I didn’t feel guilty or horrible. I felt just the opposite in fact. I felt a huge wave of relief come over me afterwards. Without a legal abortion, I would have felt so trapped. I firmly believe now that every woman should have control over what happens to her body.
The abortion changed my life for the better, believe it or not. I now am an activist for choice. I understand what an important issue it is. I am firmly pro-choice. Abortion saved my dreams of college and providing a better life for our children. We are now able to have our first child when WE are ready, not when some one who doesn’t even know us tells us we are ready. To me, giving women a choice gives children the option of being born into families that want them. Pro-choice can also mean pro-child.