Getting up to technological speed

A few months ago I managed to get the INS Facebook page up and running, but didn’t really pay too much attention to it until recently. It really is a very useful and more personal tool so I am definitely going to be more active on it. At one time I also had an INS Twitter account but I deleted it somehow. For personal stuff I’m really not fond of Twitter since yes, there are people who will literally tweet everything they do. I do know about the woman who tweeted her abortion and while I understand the point she was making Twitter really wasn’t the place she should have made it. For interesting links, though, Twitter’s cool … so the INS Twitter is alive again. Links to both accounts are on INS’ main page (banner making for the win). I’ve tied this blog to both Facebook and Twitter so when I do my occasional vomits of typing here you’ll all be alerted. 😉 I also want to start doing a little feature called Story of the Week where I pull a story from the archives and make it available. Sometimes you want the fat novel but other times you want the page, and there’s a lot of really good stories on the site that I think need a new audience. So, yeah, INS is joining the Tens-if you haven’t already friend the site and spread the word!

In other news, I’m slogging through the building pile of unpublished stories. I’m toying with the idea of doing just one big archive instead of my neat little groups of twenty because the famine-to-feast thing intrigues me. The Real World has calmed down a bit so I can devote some time to the Joy of Formatting TM.

As always, thanks to everybody for their support of the site. Now more than ever we need to get our stories out there. As I stated on Facebook my goal for this year is to get the number of INS stories into the thousands. It’s a very attainable goal. Some people (*cough*antis*cough*) think that a thousand stories is nothing. But the stories aren’t the five line entries at or StandUpGirl-the average INS story runs two to three single-spaced Word pages. They have substance and often beauty, and always the truth. That’s why I want to bring out some of the older stories because a lot of really good ones are getting buried. So again, thank you all who have written stories, read stories, and told your friends about the stories. INS isn’t going anywhere.