Eva’s Story

My name is Eva and I’m 26 years old. I had an abortion two weeks ago. This website was the best thing I found. It truly helped me relax and feel good about my decision.

I was a week late for my period when I found out I was pregnant. Looking back know all the signs were there (an outbreak of acne, sore breasts, constipation, cramping). However it still took me four home pregnancy tests to believe it!

I knew right away that I would have an abortion. I did not want to be a single mom. I had a good job and I was living on my own. The father was a 21-year-old bartender I had a one-week fling with. He doesn’t know anything because we haven’t talked in a month. I think if he had been my boyfriend I still would have made the same choice to end the pregnancy. I want to have children someday with the man I’m going to spend the rest of my life with. That is my plan.

I only told my sister and my roommate that I was pregnant. They were both very supportive. I know my other family and friends would have supported my decision, but they would have been disappointed. My roommate came to every appointment with me. My sister also drove an hour and a half to be with me the day of the procedure.

I decided to have a surgical abortion. A lot of the stories on this site helped me to decide that way. I wanted the procedure to be quick and easy. I also read a bad story about the medical abortion (must have been on an anti-choice website). Too much pain and bleeding for me. I wanted to be near medical professionals during my abortion in case something went wrong. I didn’t want to be at home freaking out for no reason.

When I got to the clinic there weren’t any protesters. I paid my money and went to the first waiting room. The extra money for the IV sedation was so worth it! After twenty minutes they called me back to the pre-op waiting room. There were six other girls in there all talking and laughing. I thought to myself “Do they all know each other?” but of course they didn’t. We all talked about how hungry we were. There was a TV with a movie playing. After what seemed like forever a nurse put my IV needle in. I hate needles but it didn’t hurt at all. Then a few minutes later the nurse gave me the medicine to soften my cervix. A few of the girls were complaining of cramps but I didn’t have any and I was worried that the medicine wasn’t working. After another hour they called me to the operating room (by this time I had seen two movies on the TV and 13 different girls all waiting for their abortion). It was a big room and the suction machine was next to the bed. It looked like it was from the seventies or something. The nurse was very nice and tried to make conversation with me. Then the doctor came in. He asked me if I thought I was all right with my decision (as if I could get out of it at that point). I said I was sure. I thought that was a weird question. Next thing I knew they were starting the IV drip and after that I woke up dressed and in the recovery room.

I was very out of it at first. I felt like I was floating. I had a big grin on my face. I felt so relieved. The nurse gave me a pill and a tiny glass of water. About ten minutes later another girl came in. She looked like she was in pain. I was in no pain whatsoever. I asked if it was normal to not have any cramps. The nurse said yes. Then she asked me if I was ready to leave. When my sister drove us home I told her I couldn’t believe how good I felt. We got to eat finally! I was so hungry!

The next week I had cramps similar to my period. I bled very little until the fifth day and by the seventh day it was over. I am happy with my decision and am very thankful that we have a choice.