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I got pregnant when I was 21 years old. I’d been in a serious relationship for awhile, but had discontinued my use of the pill because I didn’t like the effect of hormones on my system. My boyfriend and I had been using the rhythm method and pulling out, and honestly we were sloppy with it. It’s hard to admit, because so many real accidents do happen no matter how careful you are, but in my case it was carelessness. I’m so smart usually, I still have a hard time believing that I fell into that dumb-kid trap of “it won’t happen to me.” Anyway, it did. Fortunately I had options. I was lucky enough to be studying in Canada at the time, so after a few positive home tests I went to the health clinic just to be sure. “Yes, you’re pregnant. Do you want to keep?” I said no, and she booked me an appointment. That was it. No waiting period, no lecture on alternatives, nothing. And I was grateful. I had been steeling myself for it since I’d read about state laws that require all sorts of “information” to be given before allowing someone to book an abortion, but thankfully I was spared all of it. I knew what I wanted, and the nurse was fine with that.

When I went to the clinic there were no protesters or anti-choice rhetoric in sight. The procedure was free. Again, thanks to Canada. I only wish every woman in the US (or world) could have access to such professional medical treatment.

I do think of what my life would be like if I had not aborted, but not in a dreamy way. Instead I think of everything I would not have gotten to do, and all that I still plan on doing that I wouldn’t have been able to consider. I was stupid and I learned a hard lesson, but thankfully it was a lesson and that’s all. I owe my life as I know it to those who fought for my right to have a second chance, a fight that I pledge to continue, because it’s not over.

I’m not sorry, but I am grateful. Thank you.

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