Ellen’s Story

The first one was in approximately 1968 and was illegal. It cost $1,200.00! I was to be let off at a particular corner in Newark, NJ, and was to wear white gloves. I then got picked up in a limo, with another girl in the back seat already. We were taken to a high-rise apartment complex in Newark, taken up the elevator, and taken into rooms. We were told when the doctor came in the room, we were not to look at her (found out that it was a her because I could not stomach the gas mask) and was totally awake. I looked at her briefly, then she said “Why is she awake?” so I closed my eyes for the rest of the time. I was then taken back to that corner and let off where my parents picked me up. Although devastated, my parents were VERY supportive for me.
The second abortion was after I had separated from my (now ex-) husband so did not want to raise the child alone. This was in California. However, before I could get an abortion (which my insurance paid for), I had to see a PSYCHIATRIST!