Elenia’s Story

It seems almost silly to be telling this story after all these years, that’s how un-sorry I am.

I waited until I was one month shy of 20 before having sex. No sex education, though, and I was raised in a family where the word “Sex” was never mentioned. My parents slept with their door open every night.

So I got pregnant. It wasn’t even an issue of “should I keep this baby?” It was more like “get this parasite away from me”. I knew if I kept it, it would destroy my life. He felt the same way, thankfully.

Here I have to give full kudos to Planned Parenthood. They were wonderful to me. The procedure hurt like a devil. I didn’t even ask to see it, I was so happy to be free of it.

I’m almost 28 now. If I’d had the kid, it would be what…seven years old now? I’m not even with the guy anymore. I didn’t think he was mature enough for a relationship, let alone a child.

I’ve never regretted my actions. If I got pregnant today, I would have another abortion. I don’t believe anyone should have kids unless they are actively saying “I want a kid right now”, and even then I’m dubious – are they really ready? But at least they wanted one.

Parents out there, talk to your kids about sex. Early. Please. There are so many unwanted kids out there; it’s heartbreaking.

Thanks for reading my little story.