Elaine’s Story

I had two beautiful daughters, ages 3 years old and 6 months. They were my whole life. I also had an alcoholic husband who I was desperately trying to seperate from. His increasingly frightening outbursts of rage had become too much for me. I was on the pill and we only made love once that month, but I still got pregnant. I knew there was no way I could possibly handle a pregnancy, and I knew if I told my husband, I would not be safe.
I secretly had an abortion and I know I made the right choice. It’s not a choice I ever thought I’d have to make, but I’m so grateful I had the right. I sincerely doubt that I’d still be sitting here in one piece, the blissful mother of two gorgeous girls, now 7 and 4 years old, if I had not had an abortion. I did what I had to do to protect myself and my children, and I have never once regretted it.