Dina’s Story

In 1971 I was a very smart girl who still managed to find herself pregnant. I grew up in a large family and I was the clever one who would go to college. But I also thought I was in love with a boy and one thing led to another. We ended up having unprotected sex and on our very first time I got pregnant. After we had sex I wrote him a letter that I thought it would be best if we not continue. I was naively hoping for a romantic return to our pre-sex days. He took this to mean that I had dropped him. While I was waiting for his expected return I discovered my period was late. I knew right away I was pregnant. But the boy never came back and I became very driven that I would not end up an unwed mother and I would not force him to take responsibility if he didn’t “love” me. I was very fond of his family and I was also really concerned what they would think of me.

At the time abortion was not legal in Ohio where I lived. I knew that some girls at school had gone to New York, but I had very little money. Through another arty-hippie type girl at school I found a woman doctor in town who would do abortions. I borrowed more money from two friends and made an appointment. We went to the doctor’s very clean and modern office and I paid the money in cash. I had a suction abortion without anesthesia. It hurt some, but the main thing I felt was relief. I was still angry at the boy, but I knew that what I did was right for both of us. I never told my family or the father and my life continued on.

When I was 25 I had a legal abortion at a Planned Parenthood with the man I later married. We have two beautiful and intelligent teenage daughters. I think that the right to choose abortion is simply a medical decision. I don’t regret either abortion and I’m not sorry.