Diana’s Story

I had just turned 19 and had gone on a week-long vacation with my boyfriend. When we returned I realized I was late with my period. I took a home pregnancy test and my worst nightmare came true-pregnancy. I had my mind made up the whole time what I was going to do, but until I had the procedure I was an emotional mess: I didn’t want a baby. So I went to Planned Parenthood and was too far along to take RU-486 so I signed up to have a surgical abortion. I had an appointment at the Planned Parenthood 45 minutes from where I live. I was so nervous when I went into the clinic that morning. I couldn’t stop shaking; my boyfriend tried to calm me but it didn’t help much. I went to the back and they did blood tests and I discovered I had negative Rh and got a shot and then I took 2 Vicodin for the pain and to help calm me down. The procedure only took about 15 minutes and was not too painful. The doctor and the nurse were so nice and explained everything; they also let my boyfriend stay with me during it. I was a little sad for a while after it, but that is to be expected. Now a year later I know it was the right thing for me to do. I just wasn’t ready to give up my life and am so glad that my boyfriend was there for me and the abortion is legal and we have places like Planned Parenthood and their knowledgeable staff. I am grateful to them for saving my life (theoretically).