Desiree’s Story

First, thank you for creating this site. Women need it.

Here’s my story:

At 21, I was in college and became pregnant by a man I had been dating for about four months. 1. No way was that long enough to consider sharing anything in my life with him long-term, let alone have his baby. 2. He waited till I told him I was pregnant to tell me he had a WIFE! I had met his family and everything, never did anyone mention a wife.

Short story long, I scheduled an abortion 6 weeks into my pregnancy. My procedure and recovery went smoothly, and I have never looked back. I DO NOT regret the decision I made for me AND that child. I see it this way, for a child being born to someone so ill prepared for motherhood, there ARE worse things than not being born. There is a life full of struggle, grief, and ill feelings for the father, and sometimes (albeit undeservingly) the child.

There is an old school rap group called Digable Planets, who had a song on their first album called “La Femme Fatale”. It is an outstanding artistic work about abortion, the right to it, and how each person involved is affected (even the doctors and fat cats trying to stop it). Find it, listen to it, post it to your site for other readers if you can. It brings the point home in a thought provoking way.