Dee’s Story

I was having casual sex with a guy I wasn’t very interested in. It turns out that he wanted a baby, so he poked holes in the condoms, I wasn’t aware of this at the time, but soon enough I became pregnant. I was shocked and horrified; I was starting school in the all I was seventeen-no way no how could I have a baby. When I told him I don’t think he said much but “huh, okay,” but he did say that I wasn’t to have an abortion. Yeah, right. I had already made my decision when I saw those 2 lines on the pregnancy test.

I didn’t tell my parents I was pregnant because my mother would have tried to persuade me to keep it (like she did my sister who got pregnant when she was 18) and I really just wanted to come to my own conclusion, which I had plenty of time to do in my opinion because I couldn’t find a clinic to do the procedure before 6 weeks (I was 4 weeks when I found out). Honestly the decision was harder then I had originally thought; I always knew that if I got pregnant before I was married I would have an abortion, but it was hard in a way there where more things to think about. I dreamt about having an abortion every night. My sister was supportive-she was in a similar situation herself and had a baby; she said she didn’t want me to repeat her error, but my nephew is wonderful. Anyway I found a linic I was comfortable with they had surgeons from the local hospital which wasn’t far so I felt really safe. I was so sure of my decision there was no doubt in my mind, I was doing the right thing. There was a small part of me that wanted to keep it just a little longer, a very small part.

The procedure was painless (I was asleep), method vacuum aspiration. I was 7 weeks along . Nausea gone, dizziness gone, constipation gone. Wow, I felt great, the world was lifted off my shoulders I felt kind of guilty for feeling so good. The next few days I was so happy life was full of opportunities. But then guilt set in, for one because I was in a child development class which is about conception – 5 years (I had to do a project about the prenatal stages of development which didn’t bother me) Every one in that class was a pro-lifer but me and it kind of got to me them saying abortion was murder. Then the dude came around saying I was a baby killer. But I was more so angry at how simple they were making it-a lot went into my decision.

I felt a little guilty but never regret I made the right decision and I would make it again. That was 7 months ago. I told my mother; she said she respected my decision, I was surprised because she was going to throw my sister out if she aborted. I’m not saying abortion is right for everybody but everyone should be able to make the choice them selves. If you are going to get an abortion make sure the gynecologists are certified some of the places I was looking at didn’t have certified gynecologists. And better if they are accredited by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care Inc. or some accrediting agency.