Deb’s Story

Hi, I would like to submit my story. I have had 2 abortions, and no, I am not sorry. That’s not bad for an 18-year marriage. I cringe if Bush takes our right to abortion away. Birth control is simply not reliable.

I was 18 years old, and already had one, NOW I could see the problem of how on earth was I going to support myself – and a child. Whereas before, I was happy, but my boyfriend (who became my husband) said, “No, I don’t want it.” Years later when married, I just had another abortion, as I was pregnant too soon after our second child. (that child was planned). I even drove myself to the clinic and got it myself. There was no way we could possibly afford more kids. And years later, found myself abandoned with the 2 kids we did have. I have even worked 3 jobs to support them. Sacrificing everything for myself, including an education, so I could get a better job, as the money I made was barely enough for my kids. In truth, I wish I had gotten the abortion the first time, but I didn’t have a crystal ball, little do you know how things are going to turn out. But thank God, I didn’t have 4 kids to support by myself.

I have known many many other married women, and ladies in school, who have gotten an abortion. Nobody plans to get pregnant, and birth control unreliable. The government has no right to tell us what we can and can not do with our bodies. There is a separation of church and state….and Bush and many other politicians are forgetting this.