Christy’s Story

I’m 18 years old, attending high school, getting everything ready for college. I have a wonderful boyfriend, everything I could ask for. Then came something I didn’t ask for-an unwanted pregnancy. I thought I was pregnant a week or two before my period due to my nausea and moodiness.

My boyfriend tried to reassure me that I was not pregnant, that I was fine. Well, when the end of the month rolled around and I still didn’t have my period I knew I was pregnant. It’s not like we were really careful. My sweetheart boyfriend got me the test from our local CVS. I put the testing strip in the electronic tester and went to the bathroom. I looked at the screen and to my horror I was pregnant. I came out in tears and he told me “It’s ok, honey, whatever you decide I will support you in it”. I love kids and I would love to adopt but I don’t want any of my own and my body is too tiny to support another human being.

I picked up the telephone book and looked up the women’s health center. They were very nice; asked me about pain medicine, my preferred form of sedation, and they made sure I had a ride home. My boyfriend and his pro-choice grandmom took me to the clinic. When I arrived I was greeted by a friendly woman who took my “secure” number to protect my identity. She sent me and my boyfriend to a waiting room with nice black leather sofas. There were informational pamphlets about how the procedure would happen, my other options, how I would feel, and how I should take care after the procedure.

When it was time for me to have my procedure I had a gown on and we set up on a Pap smear table. The doctor put the needle in my arm and I was out like a light. I awoke puking which was normal since I had had morning sickness. I came out like a zombie and my boyfriend gingerly took me to the car. To me it was exactly like getting my wisdom teeth taken out only I felt no pain at all during my abortion.