Christine’s Story

I had an abortion when I was 23. My boyfriend of 3 years and I had been keeping a long-distance relationship for the last year, although we had been together through a lot of my college experience. He was a great guy, but lived in another city about 3 ½ hours north. I found out I was pregnant in October. I had only moved from the suburbs into the city in June, and was working as a teacher in a high school there.

When I found out that I was pregnant, I knew immediately that I would have an abortion. The long-distance relationship had pretty much run its course, and I didn’t like the idea of being an unmarried, pregnant high school teacher. I was living in a big city where I didn’t know many people, and had almost no money. Having a kid wasn’t even a possibility.

My boyfriend was very supportive and agreed with my decision. Unfortunately for me, my health insurance was through a Catholic organization. Even though I technically had coverage for an abortion, they wouldn’t give me one or give me a referral to go somewhere else for it. My boyfriend paid for half of it, though, which was a big help. We broke up soon afterwards, but for completely unrelated reasons.

I wish I could say that the abortion was relatively painless and I was fine the next day, but I wasn’t. I didn’t have any anesthesia or pain pills beforehand, and was in all kinds of pain for the next couple of days. I got it done over Thanksgiving break so I wouldn’t have to miss any work, but Thanksgiving wasn’t particularly fun (understatement). I bled a lot for about 4 days.

I am so glad that I had an abortion. I decided teaching wasn’t for me, and am now in law school at an amazing university. All of the things I have accomplished since then would have been impossible if I had a child. I didn’t tell my parents about it until afterwards because I knew what I wanted to do, and thought being forced to justify it to them would only make it harder. They were sad when I finally told them, but I think they know it was for the best.

I love my life. My boyfriend now is wonderful and supportive, and we are talking about marriage when I graduate. An abortion is serious and shouldn’t be taken lightly, but as a woman it is my right to have the life that I want, and kids if I want, and no kids if I don’t want. I have no regrets. I am not sorry.