I am not the most politically correct person ever put on the earth and I like it that way. INS is not politically correct and it’ll stay like that as long as I’m around. I’ve said before that the biggest strike against pro-choice organizations like Planned Parenthood and NARAL is that they try so hard to be politically correct. Very recently in Wisconsin a middle-aged white Christian man (color me surprised) who had a massacre at the Madison WI PP planned was stupid enough to discharge his gun at a Motel 6 and have his cunning plan thwarted. The president of Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin on her appearance on The Rachel Maddow Show, though, was very careful to avoid the nasty A word and point out about how 97% of the clinic’s 73,000 patients did not come for abortions.

PP? I love the work you do. I happily give you my money through my employer’s United Way campaign. But you need to woman and man up, seriously. Because of your continued avoidance of that nasty A word the majority of Americans believe that your clinics are wrong and evil despite your impassioned words to the contrary. Cecile Richards, president of PP USA and the daughter of a woman who spoke her mind and had one of the best bullshit detectors ever? LEARN FROM HER. Get up in front of a crowd and say “you know what? Abortion isn’t that big a deal and we need to stop making it one. One out of three American women will have an abortion during her lifetime. Yes, we need to tighten up birth control but until a method’s 100 percent effective we need to have abortion available so guess what? It’s not going away.” I’m tired of reading about white middle-aged men-you know, those who are TOTALLY never going to get pregnant-planning mowdowns at clinics. I’m tired of earnest white women skirting around abortion because it’s like OMG I DON’T WANT TO OFFEND ANYBODY.

If you’re in the Richmond, VA area I want to do this and I’m dead serious. I want a group of women to confront the idiot protesters and scream NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS! NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS! Experience has shown me that your average anti is a humongous wimp when confronted. Those of us who are pro-choice need to do this, especially now. We need to take our passion, our outrage and our anger publicly and stop letting the PC police speak for us. We need to let women of all ages go in to get things taken care of without getting guilt-tripped. Who’s with me?

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