Carly’s Story

My boyfriend of almost 2 years and I had been having unprotected sex for a majority of the last 2 years. Of course I would go on and off birth control but we had pretty much confirmed him being unfertile when time and time again I just would not get pregnant, despite the thousands of times we had unprotected sex and he would come inside. I went off it again because of nausea and nothing happened for 7 months. Then, I started feeling sick. My body completely turned against me and started destroying me. I lost 15 pounds just the week the morning sickness started alone and I was little to start with, so I ended up going underweight. I lost all color and life in me. So aside from the fact that we were not financially ready to have a child, my body was not ready to support a child without killing me. I knew from the moment I took the test what I needed to do. So we got our friend to drive us to Planned Parenthood. I was scared, I did cry the day of because I was throwing up the whole 2 hour car ride there and I was scared I would die during the procedure. They told me that no girl had ever died from from having an abortion at their clinic. That calmed me but the wait was terrible. I was sitting up in a chair for 4 hours trying not to puke the rest of my guts out. They put the IV in my arm wrong so it wasn’t dripping like every other girls. The nurse who gave me the ultrasound was sweet though, she said she really liked my tattoos. I was put under anesthesia so I can’t remember the actual procedure at all but afterwards I felt like a whole new person. I wasn’t nauseous anymore, I didn’t feel like I was dying, I was hungry finally!!! I didn’t have really any problems physically afterward. And I’m just so happy I’m alive. The only hard part is that it’s scary not knowing how people will react if i choose to tell them. So far, out of the handful of people I have chosen to tell, only two have reacted negatively and told me they hate me for this. My mom and someone who was previously a friend I thought would support me. They both called me a murderer and I have gotten them both out of my life. I’m not fucking sorry for saving my own life and I wish they would understand that I wouldn’t be here now if I didn’t have an abortion. I’m sad that people I thought would be there for me, aren’t but I did what’s right for me. I can’t understand a woman who is not pro-choice. A woman who doesn’t want rights of her own body. It’s such a sad thought that there are women like that and I used to be friends with them and that one raised me, but I’m so glad I had the right and the choice and I wasn’t brainwashed into willingly letting myself die.