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Since its debut in January 2003, I’ has garnered positive accolades from literally all over the world. The site has been mentioned on CNN and on numerous choice-related and personal sites, as well as attracted some important national press.

Katha Pollitt, a well-respected journalist who has written eloquently about pro-choice matters for such publications as the New York Times, the Washington Post and Harper’s amongst others, graciously gave the last paragraph in her April 21, 2003 column in The Nation to praise of INS. You can read it here. I was very honored to be included in a publication I’ve been reading for years and to be written about by a journalist of Katha’s caliber. The site received a lot of great visitors-and stories!-from this. Thanks again, Katha!

A brief snippet of the “Why This Site Was Created” section of INS as well as a print shoutout was featured in the February 6, 2006 issue of Newsweek. The same article was posted on MSNBC later that month (unfortunately no longer available). I had heard something about the MSNBC post but since I was unable to find it I figured it had just been mentioned in a forum. Thanks to Fae Moore of PBS for letting me know and not laughing too hard when I OMGWTFBBQ’d about it. Newsweek also linked INS in its March 5, 2010 article on Angie Jackson, the young Floridian who reported her medical abortion on Twitter while it was happening, and Angie herself gave INS a shout-out during a CNN interview on March 8, 2010. Thanks, Angie!

Pro-choice journalist Eleanor Bader, co-author (with Patricia Baird-Windle) of Targets of Hatred: Anti-Abortion Terrorism, wrote a terrific article about INS for In These Times magazine. You can read it here. Eleanor is a major voice in the pro-choice movement, and again I was honored that she felt INS worthy of a write-up. Thank you, Eleanor!

On October 13, 2009, I was interviewed by Dennis Ouelette and Tracey Ouelette on the “Ordinary People” podcast on the Mind Brain website. The direct link is here (look for “Abortion: The Pro Choice Perspective”). WARNING: the sound quality on my end is awful but hopefully you can get the gist of it.

Jennifer Baumgardner, a young feminist and co-author of Feminista with Amy Richards, was so inspired by INS that she spearheaded a movement called I’m Not Sorry Day, which was celebrated on Roe’s 31st anniversary. Her article, featuring a brief interview with me and a description of I’m Not Sorry Day, was originally published in The Nation but was also picked up by Alternet, resulting in some huge hit totals for the site. For more information on Jennifer’s project, please visit the Links section. Jennifer and Amy also mentioned INS in their book Grassroots. Thanks, Jennifer!

I was proud to have INS be one of the recipients of a 2004 Sexual Intelligence Award, given out by the nationally acclaimed website and newsletter of the same name. Thanks to SI’s director Dr. Marty Klein and Dr. Linda Hendrixson, who nominated INS for the award.

I was interviewed by local Richmond writer Laura DeLay for her article in Style Weekly entitled “The Long Fight.” The article, published in February 2004 but unfortunately still timely, focuses on the annual parade of anti-choice bills presented in the Virginia General Assembly. Those of you in “blue” states can now vicariously experience the joy of being pro-choice in a “red” state by clicking here. Thanks, Laura!

INS was featured in on September 20, 2004 in an article by Laura Barcella entitled “The A Word.” Laura graciously gave permission for INS to reprint the article here, as Salon is a premium service. The article also mentions several INS friends and other worthy projects related to destigmatizing abortion. Thanks again, Laura!

In 2004 INS received an Erotic Award for best website from the Leibley Society in the United Kingdom, and British traffic to the site has increased tremendously as a result. Even though she has yet to send me a picture of my little statue (just kidding), my thanks to Emily Dubberley of Scarlet magazine for accepting the award on my behalf.

I was interviewed by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation for a documentary about the growing “Silent No More” movement in Canada that aired on the news program The National on February 22, 2005. Thanks to producer Deb Goodwin, reporter Susan Orminston and Doug The Wonder Camera Guy, who drove from Washington DC to Richmond on short notice and sans coffee to interview me.

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