Britt’s Story

I was 14 when I got pregnant. I didn’t get my period for 3 months, but I refused to believe it, I always thought this could never happen to me. but it did. The father never knew, he got put in Juvenile Detention for dealing crack before I could tell him, it’s been 2 years and I haven’t seen him since. I was so scared, and I was terrified of labor pains. I’m not really sure whether or not my family supported my choice, I live with my grandma and sister, my grandma is pro-life, but she drove me to the abortion clinic that was over 3 hours away, and my sister said that she supported me but when the day came to leave for the clinic, she failed to show up, the only thing I know is that I did the right thing. I was so scared about my abortion, I had to bring my dog with me because I knew she would love me no matter what. When I got to the clinic there was a woman who looked about 70 holding a sign with a picture of an unborn baby that said “abortion kills children” and there was a security guard outside of the door, but when I got inside I felt so much better, the staff was so nice. My abortion took 3 days and I didn’t feel any pain at all during the procedure, just a little bit of tugging. I was 24 weeks along. I never saw the ultrasound pictures of my baby, I heard its heartbeat once, but I feel no regret about my decision. I couldn’t bring a child into this world being 14, it wouldn’t know its father, and I would have no way to support it. It’s been 2 years and to this day I’m not sorry!