Bet you can’t eat just one!

Do you enjoy tasteless food? I don’t mean food that tastes bad, but food that is shaped in questionable taste. We’ve all seen boob cakes and penis cakes and cakes that read CONGRATULATIONS FOR MAKING PAROLE. But now new illness lurks on the baking horizon: cookie cutters in the shape of a fetus.

Yes, they exist. You can buy them here.

If that isn’t funny enough, some of the comments on the blog where this was found are equally hilarious:

What happens to the unwanted fetus cookies, the leftovers, the malformed, the (gasp!) burned ones? Are they just casually tossed in the trash with nary a thought? Could they not be appreciated by some loving, yet cookieless family? Perhaps there’s a gingerbread foundling home waiting for them somewhere.

Ok, you make the cookies. Then you have to make a herd of gingerbread people protestors to line up around the cookie jar.

I guess I’m that special kind of baker, seeing I saw it, thought YES!I’VE BEEN LOOKING FOR THIS! and bought one…the lengths I will go to, to make inside jokes into baked goods, and give them away as Christmas presents, because nothing says “Merry Christmas” like sprinkle covered fetus cookies.

Second, out of 100+ post, NO ONE else thought of taking it one step further and making little red jello fetus jigglers? Not sure Bill Cosby would be on board, but great for your next pro life rally!

And here you can see the cutter in action, as well as listen to the lilting sounds of “Fetal Bites”: