Sep 022010

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As a person who was adopted as a baby (and learned of this at age 16), I have had an abortion and feel that this was the one of the best decisions have ever made. I made the choice and had the opportunity to exercise my rights as a woman. Thinking of how my life would be if I didn’t choose and now would have a 3 month old child. This child was not planned and I was practicing the use of birth control at the time I became pregnant. Looking back I still have no regrets that I did abort. If this child had been born, I couldn’t have loved it the way a mother should; I couldn’t provide and cared for it the way babies need to be taken care of. So saying this I don’t see myself as selfish, because is it fair to bring another life into this world that really isn’t wanted? I faced many decisions. Did I want my child up for adoption and learning possibly at some age that they “weren’t wanted”? I have dealt with not knowing my biological family for years now, and I can’t foresee someone going through what I did. The decision to abort was for me (and maybe not others) the best decision. Again I am not saying this was an easy decision to make, but it was the best one. Taking away a woman’s right to choose is wrong, we make choices every single day and we don’t all agree to each other’s choosings and opinions, but we are granted a right, and as women we are allowed to exercise it.

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