Ashley’s Story

I’m both excited and relieved that I finally found someone to share my story with (as it’s generally socially inappropriate to tell others you’ve had an abortion, especially one with no regrets).

I was 21 and was a semester away from finishing college. I was dating someone much older than I was, who had sole custody of his son. I was also living with a rotten roommate who was not at all happy that I had stopped being a “party animal” with her and turned into more of a homebody (by spending a lot of time at my boyfriend’s house). After a roommate blow-out, the roommate called the boyfriend and told him I was cheating on him (a complete fallacy), I was promptly single.

About a month later, I was constantly sick. I was having a difficult time making it through my waitressing shifts without feeling ill, and was sleeping eighteen or more hours a day. At first, I had assumed my period was late because of the break-up stress. After hearing my symptoms, a friend suggested I take a pregnancy test… I wanted to cry when it came back positive.

I’ve never had a desire to have children, and had no urge to try and work things out with my ex. I researched my options online. Carrying the child to term wasn’t feasible with my college schedule (or for my stressful living situation). I decided to have a medical abortion and called the only clinic in town.

The women at the clinic were almost too nice. They were very supportive and encouraging (both on the phone and in person). The only downside was the protesters outside of the building. Once I was inside the building, everything moved along quickly. The doctors, psychologist, nurses, and support staff we all helpful and knowledgeable.

When I left, they made sure to follow up with me via phone a few days later. I also returned for a check-up eight weeks later, where I was put back on birth control.

I am now a proud college graduate with a great home and job. I have no regrets whatsoever about what I did. I’m truly happy and living a much better life than I could have possibly tried to give a child at that age/level of experience.