Ashley’s Story

Two weeks ago I had an abortion. It was a mutual decision between my boyfriend and me. I am a freshman in college, he lays bricks. I have a hard time supporting myself financially, and as much as I wanted to have the baby once I realized I was pregnant, I decided that it would not be fair to the baby to have a half ass life so to speak. I could not be the mother I know the baby would deserve. At 7 weeks pregnant, with no money, I made the appointment, two days before the day and somehow made up a good cover up story for my family, and wrangled the money. Saturday morning at 6 am, I was at the clinic ready and strong. There were lots of other girls there and it was a strange bond between us, all in those recliner chairs covered in white sheets passed out from our calming pills. Afterwards, there was some pain, like period cramps, but it soon passed. Later that night I did cry, and I was upset. For a few days after I had trouble sleeping raging with what ifs and why didn’t I, and I could have….but despite what others tell you (most of the time people who are virgins or have never experienced this), it is right for you if you think it is, and it is right for the baby. If you know you can’t do it, and you can’t give the baby the life they deserve, then this is right for you. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, and if you want this baby and you know you can do it, don’t let any man tell you to abort it. Girls, it is your baby, yes he helped make it, but he can leave in an instant, and who has the baby? Let it be your decision; that is what helped me the most, I made the decision, but he was supportive either way. It has been two weeks, and I haven’t cried in days, I have slept, and I know my baby is in Heaven, and one day when I know I can do it, and provide a better life, I will.