Sep 022010

I am Alyson, 35, a white female who has had 2 previous surgical abortions and did not feel like having another one. So, when I found out I was pregnant by not starting my period when it was supposed to start and taking a pregnancy test, I looked into a few options. I started with taking herbs or lots of vitamin C but after finding out that I was 7 weeks and 2 days pregnant, I stopped and looked into RU486. I went to one of those pregnancy centers run by pro-lifers and not surprised by their lack of caring for me and more thought towards ‘the baby’ to find out by ultrasound how far along I was. That was on a Saturday and tried to drink enough alcohol to try to forget I was pregnant but by Monday I called the only 3 places in Austin that offer RU486 and got my appointment made for the very next Thursday at 8am. I went to the clinic and after 4 hours got the first pill. Nothing happened except for some tightness in my stomach.

I was fine Friday and Saturday morning took the four other pills by putting them between my gums and waited. I also took the pain pills and anti-nausea pills and waited. There was not a lot of pain, in fact I was surprised how easy it was. About four hours later, I miscarried. It was over in 30 minutes. The only drawback is how tired my body is but that is normal, I am told.

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