Sep 022010

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I am 24 years old and I had an abortion. This all happened the summer before my senior year of college. I made the mistake of having sex with an ex-boyfriend. I had a bad feeling right after it happened; the condom broke and I distinctly remember him saying “You’ll be fine”. I was furious. I immediately went to Planned Parenthood and got Plan B, hoping this little mistake would not lead to a big mistake. But something felt different. As the next few weeks passed, my body felt different, my breasts were extremely tender and I experiencing daily nausea. I kept telling myself I was making this up in my head and that it was all mental. Then I missed my period. Again, I tried to relate this to stress and nerves; however after I was a week late I knew what I had to do. I’ve taken pregnancy tests before because worry so much, even when I’ve had no reason to. I just had this feeling that time would be different. Sure enough, it didn’t even take a minute for the pregnancy test to come back positive. I want to say that I was shocked, but I wasn’t. After weeks of feeling “off”, deep down inside I think I knew. Right away I knew what I had to do.
I was so upset and knew I had to confide in someone. I immediately got in my car and went for a drive and called 2 of my best friends. The next day I called the clinic in my town and made my first appointment. I was so nervous to go and face the reality of it all. But honestly, the doctors and nurses at this facility made me so comfortable. There was a security guard at the door who was so friendly and tried to make all the nervous women feel comfortable. For my first appointment, my two friends came and sat with me in the clinic. At this appointment I made the second appointment for the actual abortion. I began to feel relieved and sure enough when the second appointment came I was not only nervous but also ready. The abortion procedure was quick, and I can tell you I have never felt so relieved in my entire life. The staff was so incredibly kind and understanding throughout the whole thing, making the whole situation that much easier. I walked out of that clinic feeling different, mentally and physically.

I do not have any regret about what I did, and could not be happier with my decision. I wouldn’t be where I am today, and I know that I would not have been able to provide a child with any stable life. Also, my ex-boyfriend was not someone that I would have ever wanted to raise a child with. He has many drug and alcohol problems that have escalated intensely within the past 6 months, resulting in overdose and drug rehabilitation. I know that I made the right decision and I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to have an abortion. Like many others, this site helped me and I feel obligated to submit my story to share with others in my situation. Abortion does not make you a bad person, and no one should ever make you feel that way. It is a personal decision that should be given to any woman facing an unwanted/unexpected pregnancy. I can only hope that my story can help someone get through their situation and see that abortions are not nearly as scary and awful as our society has made them out to be. I had my abortion two years ago, and I’m not sorry.

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