Abbi’s Story

I’m 22 years old and in August I found out that I was pregnant, earth shattering for me because I was no longer seeing the father and I have severe General Anxiety Disorder so anything health related scared me until no end.

Right away I knew what I had to do and I read this website everyday pretty much until my appointment for an abortion.

I was never so scared in my entire life and honestly probably because of my anxiety I thought I was going to go there and never come home, I thought it was going to kill me and I couldn’t bring myself to tell my mother, she’s my best friend and she helps me through everything so when I was getting ready to leave for my 6 hour drive to the clinic I was crying and told her I loved her, she just thought my anxiety was bad!

When I got to the hospital I was terrified, but I somehow gained this inner strength, knowing that it was what I had to do, and that it was right. I was the first of the day, and the procedure from the time I laid on the table to they helping me up, was not even 5 minutes… and I won’t sugarcoat it, it did hurt as I know everyone knows that its not exactly a good time, but its not mind shattering pain, and it’s over as quick as it comes, when they helped me up I said God please forgive me, and it was over.

What did I feel? Relief. I cried because I knew it was over, that I could put the last 2 months of my life behind me, and do good with my life.

Yesterday I got an abortion at 8 weeks pregnant, and I am not sorry.