New year, same old crap

In the past couple of months Planned Parenthood Advocates of Virginia has been sending out e-mails about a proposed pro-choice license plate to counteract the CHOOSE LIFE plates that came out last year. As I’ve stated previously Virginia may be the personalized license plate capital of the world. It’s fairly easy to get a new […]

You’ll excuse me if I go WTF?!

In my experience with INS, I have learned never to trust an e-mail sent by someone using AOL. You may laugh, but invariably any time I open an email sent by somebody at it’s an anti. But still, much like the optimist searching for the pony in the pile of horseshit, I open them […]

“Sun hats, tool.”

Major League Baseball has been playing up Mother’s Day for a while, but in the past few years they’ve tied it in with breast cancer awareness. The majority of teams have some sort of event or giveaway that day, survivors are honored, players use pink bats and wear pink sweatbands–the more adventurous have been known […]

Going full retard in South Bend

As you may have heard, President Obama is giving the commencement speech at Notre Dame University this year. Some are not happy about this. So what better way to make your displeasure known than to … drive around in a truck with large pictures comparing abortion to lynching and showing lynched black men?

Secret Service, […]

Never say never.

While things are well in my personal universe, others I know both in Real Life and Net Life aren’t so fortunate. Someone close to me in Real Life is going through a divorce after twenty-three years of marriage. An online acquaintance’s husband left her and their two small children to take up with a nineteen-year-old. […]

Honesty is such a lonely word

In my post about Wanda, the woman who wished that she could have aborted her mentally handicapped son, Emma K. posted a link to a British newspaper column regarding a book called When The Bough Breaks, which was published earlier this year. The author, Julia Hollander, gave birth to a severely mentally handicapped daughter. After […]

You’re doing it wrong, Arkansas

With the foster care system already staggering under the weight of so many children in it (you know, the ones the antis claim everyone wants to adopt) one would believe that states would do everything in their power to make sure the pool of available adoptive/foster parents was large and deep.

On Tuesday night, the […]

It may be on the left coast, but it’s not always on the left

The state of California is widely perceived to be a liberal state. However, it is forgotten sometimes that the governor of the state is a Republican despite his previous occupations of pot-smoking bodybuilder and movie action hero. This has come disturbingly to light with two propositions that made it onto next week’s ballots out there—Proposition […]

Blood and circuses

Now that football season and the baseball playoffs are upon us, I am watching much more television than I normally do … which is close to none at all. People often find it odd that I am able to resist the siren call of the TV; I frequently hear “you mean you’ve never seen (name […]

Consider the source

In Sunday’s Los Angeles Times Peter Wallsten writes a pretty interesting article concerning the difficulties Barack Obama’s campaign is having in the coal-mining Appalachian regions of Virginia, normally a Democratic stronghold due to the heavy union presence. And yeah, it’s pretty much because he’s black and has a funny name. What’s causing a firestorm of […]