Back in the day an anti challenged me to go into a abortion prevention center crisis pregnancy center to listen to their message. I replied that I was not their audience, which is frightened and desperate young women. But in case you’re curious as to what said frightened desperate young women might hear from those […]

Your weekend dose of WTF

Amanda Marcotte, best known for her Pandagon blog, links to one of the most fucked-up documents I’ve ever read.

Have you ever suspected that antis have a script to follow? Well, here’s proof–a link to part of an instruction manual for a group called Justice For All, which seems to specialize in haunting college campuses. […]

RIP, George

Three comedians are in what I call my Comedy Triumvirate: Sam Kinison, Robin Williams and George Carlin. I was fortunate to have seen all three live and that I had the foresight to go to the bathroom before their shows started so I wouldn’t pee myself laughing. Carlin was my first exposure to “adult” comedy […]