New year, same old crap

In the past couple of months Planned Parenthood Advocates of Virginia has been sending out e-mails about a proposed pro-choice license plate to counteract the CHOOSE LIFE plates that came out last year. As I’ve stated previously Virginia may be the personalized license plate capital of the world. It’s fairly easy to get a new […]

Post-election shoutouts

Barack Obama, the president-elect, who got so many people enthusiastic about politics either for the first time or again and made fist-bumping people in supermarkets acceptable behavior. I look forward to his term to see what he’ll do.

Joe Biden, who as vice president will scare far less people than Dick Cheney.

John McCain, who […]

Yet another reality check

This article was originally published back in June but only recently came to my attention–and originally published in Self magazine of all places. Self does cater to a slightly older readership, so that might be why they took a chance on it. I speak from experience on this–a couple of years ago a freelance writer […]

The She-Woman Man Haters Club

In a response to one of my earlier posts INS friend Cattygurl posted a rant that I think needs to see more of the light of day concerning the current state of feminism:

I think a lot of men and women have had a lifetime of fucked up indoctrination. I’ve met a lot of misogynist […]

A logical politician

Old INS friend Ruth, who posts here as ruthied and gives me a kick in the butt when I need it, sent me a great link yesterday to an article about a New York county executive who is proposing that pro-choice Democrats put their money where their mouths are. You can find the article in […]

Stigma by the numbers

It is inevitable that shortly after I post new stories on the site, I’ll get a couple of e-mails that single out the stories told by those who have had multiple abortions. The overall tone of these e-mails is “you know, it’s not really helping the pro-choice cause when you put these stories up, because […]

It was one year ago today …

A year ago today, I and approximately 1.15 million others converged on Washington, DC for the March for Women’s Lives. When I first saw the picture taken from the Washington Monument of the marchers on the National Mall, the mass of purple and gold created by all of those holding NARAL Pro-Choice America signs, it […]

I am the webmaster, koo koo ka choo

Because I was lucky enough to think of the INS concept before someone else did, I get a lot of e-mails asking my opinion on this or that abortion-related issue, so if the anti-choicers can have the conceit of a blog to “enlighten” us I might as well jump in. A lot of the word […]