Going full retard in South Bend

As you may have heard, President Obama is giving the commencement speech at Notre Dame University this year. Some are not happy about this. So what better way to make your displeasure known than to … drive around in a truck with large pictures comparing abortion to lynching and showing lynched black men?

Secret Service, […]

Sad and sick and just … gah

Every time I hear some pretentious blowhard like Bono go on about how we have to make sure Africa gets money for food I want to scream. It’s not about food, it’s about fucking politics and outdated beliefs. The people of Africa could feed themselves fine if it wasn’t for the constant civil wars and, […]

You’re doing it wrong, Arkansas

With the foster care system already staggering under the weight of so many children in it (you know, the ones the antis claim everyone wants to adopt) one would believe that states would do everything in their power to make sure the pool of available adoptive/foster parents was large and deep.

On Tuesday night, the […]

Post-election shoutouts

Barack Obama, the president-elect, who got so many people enthusiastic about politics either for the first time or again and made fist-bumping people in supermarkets acceptable behavior. I look forward to his term to see what he’ll do.

Joe Biden, who as vice president will scare far less people than Dick Cheney.

John McCain, who […]

Getting my vote on

This is the seventh presidential election I’ve voted in (gah, I’m old).

But this was the first time I had to stand in line to cast my vote.

With a hundred people in front of me and just that many behind me.

At 5:45 in the morning.

In the rain.

No matter which way it […]

Consider the source

In Sunday’s Los Angeles Times Peter Wallsten writes a pretty interesting article concerning the difficulties Barack Obama’s campaign is having in the coal-mining Appalachian regions of Virginia, normally a Democratic stronghold due to the heavy union presence. And yeah, it’s pretty much because he’s black and has a funny name. What’s causing a firestorm of […]