Let it go for just one day, antis

Since my love of football is well known (and occasionally enough to bridge the yawning chasm between myself and antis) I’ve been getting semi-deluged with e-mails and stuff asking me my opinion on CBS’ decision to run a decidedly anti-leaning ad sponsored by our buddies at Focus On The Family during the Super Bowl. As […]

Get on with the fascination

With the reality television boom still going strong and showing little signs of winding down, it stands to reason that there would be a few people who would make a significant living from the genre. While in America our reality stars outside of American Idol or The Hills usually have had some measure of notoriety […]

The other shoe drops

When I was being interviewed by Glamour, I was told that the article was going to run about eight or nine pages. The published article, however, ran maybe four. But Glamour apparently had a change of heart … and put the rest on the article on their website. Go read!

The mainstream dabbles again

As I’ve said to many people many different times, INS is not about me. I created the site, I write the code for it, but in the end it’s about the stories, women sharing experience and wisdom and hopefully helping someone out there who doesn’t know what to expect or believe. Pay no attention to […]

Your tax dollars at work

A friend of mine sent me a link to a rather disturbing story concerning a father raising hell over a presentation at his son’s school that he called a “thinly veiled (Christian) ministry”. After reading it, I don’t blame him for being pissed.

The full article

Here’s the part that made me want to bang […]

What if it happened to you?

A question I recently put in the FAQs, which has been asked by several snide antis, is “well, if you’re so proud of getting abortions, why do you only use first names?” Instead of firing off a snarky “get your own site if you don’t like it,” I gave it some thought. Around this time, […]