Christine’s Story

I had an abortion when I was 23. My boyfriend of 3 years and I had been keeping a long-distance relationship for the last year, although we had been together through a lot of my college experience. He was a great guy, but lived in another city about 3 ½ hours north. I found out […]

Christina’s Story

I had just turned 29 and broken up with my “way too young for me” boyfriend when I found out I was pregnant. I remember thinking how ashamed my friends and family would be. I had always been a “good girl and didn’t sleep around … how could this be happening to me. I started […]

Christina’s Story

The best was to start is to tell you how my life was when I made my decision to have an abortion. I was engaged to a man and we had problems even getting along for 5 minutes. Right about the time I was going to leave him I found out I was pregnant. I […]

Christina’s Story

I am 24 years old. I had an abortion 10 days ago. I feel that my story is a bit strange but that could be because it happened to me.

To start at the beginning or somewhere close I will start with my belief (however crazy it was) that I could not become pregnant. Actually […]

Christina’s Story

I had always been pro-choice, but had never thought I would actually have to come to terms with the word. In April of 2004 I found myself about 7 weeks pregnant (after several negative tests – girls beware!) from a man I didn’t love, or really even like. I was 24 years old and getting […]

Christen’s Story

We were only dating a couple months. We were going to college and attempting to break out and make it in life as individuals, instead of as children. But ultimately we were 19, we were just kids. I had always been pro-choice, much to the complete disgust of my family, but faced with the choice […]

Chris’s Story

It’s nearly July 24, 2009 where only a few hours away, I will be receiving an abortion that isn’t my first. When I was 17 my parents never really educated me about sex; they pretended it didn’t happen with teens, so, I ended up getting pregnant because abstinence only education in my public school wasn’t […]

Chris’s Story

When I was fifteen, I found myself dating someone considerably older than myself. I was an honor student going to a college prep and everything to look forward to. My then boyfriend and I discussed possible pregnancies and decided abortion would be the best option for us, and we would discuss it further if the […]

Chloe’s Story

I’m 17, and I get great grades, hold a steady job, have wonderful friends, and I have a boyfriend I love. I’ve also had an abortion.

I was 16, and I was young and in love. Clouded judgment and hormones led to hit and miss birth control, so it wasn’t a huge shock when I […]

Cheryl’s Story

I’m 35 – I have a 5 year old daughter, I’m married, and I have a great husband. This great husband of 8 years and I had some unprotected sex in early December. It happens. It’s not the first time it’s happened in our 14 year relationship. But it’s the first time it had serious […]