Wow. Little dusty in here, isn't it?

Although I do pop up from time to time on INS’ Facebook page (and love that more and more discover the site each day) I have been woefully neglectful of INS in recent months. Since a lot of people who hang out at Facebook are relative INS n00bs I just wanted to give you a […]


As has been pretty obvious for the past few weeks, INS 4.0 is up and running. Thanks to everyone for your positive feedback on the new look of the site. The most gushing of thanks, though, has to go to AAG of, who also writes a fantastic blog at, what else, I’ve been […]

Updates make me muse

I always feel relief and satisfaction every time I write the blurb on the News page about new stories being up and change the link on the homepage from my “update” to the Why INS Was Created page. It means another twenty women’s stories are out there in the world … and I am done […]

Blowing covers on the internet

It’s kind of ironic that someone e-mailed me about Virginia Montanez, the blogger formerly known as PittGirl, and asked me if what happened to her made me nervous.

For those who don’t feel like clicking on the link Montanez is the author of the hilarious Burgh Blog, and as PittGirl she had her legion of […]

Never say never.

While things are well in my personal universe, others I know both in Real Life and Net Life aren’t so fortunate. Someone close to me in Real Life is going through a divorce after twenty-three years of marriage. An online acquaintance’s husband left her and their two small children to take up with a nineteen-year-old. […]

Spiffin’ up the joint

As you can see, I’ve moved the previous stickies I had here to their own pages so they’d still be accessible but make the page less crowded. In all likelihood I’m probably going to change the layout as well so if things look weird don’t panic. I’m also in the process of creating a links […]

Welcome to INS Blog 2.0!

It took some time and overcoming technical difficulties, but I was finally able to get everything over to WordPress and settle in the blog’s new home. I have many Internet friends who raved about WP for their blogging needs, but I must admit there was one overriding factor in me deciding to move hosts–my job […]


Over the nearly six years that INS has been online, notes like this never fail to set my teeth on edge:

A few people have linked me to this site, and it makes me happy. (: It could use layout updates, though.

I know that comments like that aren’t meant maliciously, but that doesn’t mean […]

Peeking in

I’ve recently gotten a burst of stories in the INS mailbox so I hope an update will be imminent in the next couple of weeks. Also, there’s been some stuff going on behind the scenes. I’ve been in contact with someone who is working on a new design template for the site and, unlike others […]

Everything about America I’ve learned from Pogo

The Internet, at least for me, is the modern-day equivalent of reading the dictionary. If one took a look at my Google search history they would likely think me schizophrenic, as the searches range from current Boston Red Sox players (hello, Josh Beckett) to seventeenth-century feminists (hello, Anne of Denmark). But just as everyone else […]