Ninja INS 5.0!

I know you’re doing double takes. “Wh–WHAT? An INS blog entry after what, three or four friggin’ YEARS? What the fuck, my mind is blown!”

Okay, yeah, I’ll be the first to admit I’m not the most attentive webmaster. But it’s 2014, three days after INS has turned eleven–yes, ELEVEN–years old–and like with any growing […]


I am not the most politically correct person ever put on the earth and I like it that way. INS is not politically correct and it’ll stay like that as long as I’m around. I’ve said before that the biggest strike against pro-choice organizations like Planned Parenthood and NARAL is that they try so hard […]

Wow. Little dusty in here, isn't it?

Although I do pop up from time to time on INS’ Facebook page (and love that more and more discover the site each day) I have been woefully neglectful of INS in recent months. Since a lot of people who hang out at Facebook are relative INS n00bs I just wanted to give you a […]

Sex Ed: Then and Now

I initially learned about sex at the age of seven from reading a book called “A Boy’s Sex Life” written by a Catholic priest.

(waits for laughter to subside. NO SERIOUSLY YOU CAN STOP LAUGHING NOW)

Back in the seventies my little hometown in New Jersey made quite a stir in the Roman Catholic Church […]

Oops, We’re Pregnant! (cue the laugh track)

Once the stigma of illegitimacy began to wear off in the eighties, mainstream books, television and movies began to use what is now almost a de rigueur plot line—the accidental baby. True, soaps had been doing this for years but it always seemed that said baby was always mothered or fathered by the “right” person […]

Requiem for Rachel

As numerous posts on Facebook, Twitter and other places have informed me, today is National Coming Out Day to raise awareness of gay rights issues. I like to think that the majority of INS readers are pretty aware of gay rights or lack thereof so I’m not going to hop onto the metaphorical soapbox and […]


As has been pretty obvious for the past few weeks, INS 4.0 is up and running. Thanks to everyone for your positive feedback on the new look of the site. The most gushing of thanks, though, has to go to AAG of, who also writes a fantastic blog at, what else, I’ve been […]

A little more on INS 4.0

Like I wrote on the Facebook page last night, SO. FUCKING. EXCITED.

If you go to the site now you can see the beginnings of what it’s going to be, as well as the very cool new INS logo. At this point my web designer is starting to undertake the massive job of moving the […]

The musing is over!

INS 4.0 is on the way. And it’s going to be like years of driving a 1994 Toyota Corolla and going into a 2011 Ferrari California. STAY TUNED!

Updates make me muse

I always feel relief and satisfaction every time I write the blurb on the News page about new stories being up and change the link on the homepage from my “update” to the Why INS Was Created page. It means another twenty women’s stories are out there in the world … and I am done […]